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Blood is the most profound storyteller of your overall health. It courses through your body, carrying with it the secrets to your well-being. It gives insights into your vital organs, tells stories of balance and imbalance, and reveals the intricate levels of nutrients, hormones, and cellular components that
orchestrate your body’s daily symphony.

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What's included in our labs

Based on decades of research, we have found analysis of these categories of blood-based biomarkers to be the most influential in uncovering your overall health.

• Chem-screen (Chemistry Screen; to evaluate the status/function
of several major body organs including liver and kidneys)
• Cholesterol/lipid panels
• Inflammation and endothelial health (blood vessels)
• CBC (Complete Blood Count) with differential and platelets
• Hormone panel
• Thyroid panel
• Other performance health biomarkers such as vitamin levels

  • We come to you

    A Cenegenics phlebotomist arrives at your home or work, at your convenience, to collect blood for extensive detection of 92+ different blood serum biomarkers. A serum biomarker is a substance found in the blood that indicates something important about your health.

  • Your 92+ biomarkers are analyzed

    We evaluate your biomarkers and make recommendations based on our 25+ years as the performance health age management industry leader.

  • We summarize your results in plain English

    A Cenegenics Clinician summarizes your lab results in everyday terms, avoiding as many acronyms and complex medical terms as possible, and provides top-level recommendations for changes you may consider to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

  • You dig into the Cenegenics app

    We notify you via email that your results (as well as valuable information about every test, expected ranges and ways to impact the results in the future) are available in the Cenegenics app after you register and log in.